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Vertical Integration


Amphenol Canada is a vertically integrated company with many in-house operations that provide cutting-edge design, machining and molding capabilities to all of our global customers. ACC can take your requirements for a high quality interconnect solution from initial concept through design, manufacturing, and testing to deliver to your unique specification. 

ACC can mold or machine all of our own components leading to reduced lead times, lower costs and provides customers a competitive advantage by keeping all of these facilities under one roof.


The ACC machine shop includes state of the art milling & 5-axis machines as well as turning to produce innovative product designs. We design & program in-house & are focused on continuous improvement & cost reduction.


Amphenol's tool room is a market leader in technology with our top-notch team of professional toolmakers working on creating new molds to expand our product line up & improve existing designs.


ACC also has the ACF  division that supplies all planar capacitor's that are the cornerstone for the complete market-leading ACC filtered product line. ACF is a leading planar technology facility that has recently undergone state of the art renovations to further improve our position as a market leading planar capacitor supplier.  


ACC also utilizes vertically integrated global production & supply chain model in an effort to reduce costs and pass on cost savings to our customers, even in the most complex & demanding solutions