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Next Generation ARINC

Next Gen ARINC 600Introducing Amphenol Canada's ARINC 600 Next Generation Stamped & Formed Contacts Technology. Size 22 Sockets are now available in stamped and formed designs in both PCB and Compliant styles.

The Next Gen ARINC 600 is available to replace your standard inserts and contacts with this intelligent design. This will provide cost savings and 25% reduction in weight. These inserts and contacts are fully tested and in compliance with all ARINC 600 specifications. The contacts are designed using stamped and formed method with overmolding technology. They are completely interchangeable and mateable with all existing Size 22 contacts. Contact Amphenol Canada for more information.


Dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV): Sea level-1500 Vrms, 15,000 m: 500 VRMS
Voltage Rating: 500 Vrms max.; 125 Vrms at 15,000 m
Insulation Resistance: 5.0 GW min. at 500 Vdc
Size 22 Contact Rating: 5.0 ADC, continuous
Contact Resistance: Per MIL-STD-1344, method 3004-1
Temperature Range: -65° to +125° C
High-Temperature Tolerance: 1000 hrs min. at 125°C
Process Temperature: 270°C for 10 sec. wave solder at 260°C for 2 min. vapor phase
Salt Spray: Per MIL-STD-1344, method 1001, cond. B
Humidity Per MIL-STD-1344, method 1002.1, Type II


Shell: Aluminum alloy per SAE QQA
Shell Plating: Nickel, yellow iridite or chem film
Contact: High-performance copper alloy with 50µ" gold plating in mating area. Tin dipped contacts with optional gold plating available
Insulator: Thermoplastic overmolded wafers