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Amphenol’s product portfolio is perfectly suited for the high-speed, high-density demands of flight control systems, both in military and commercial aircraft. From the terminal blocks and relay sockets to complex solutions combining fiber optics, EMI/EMP protection, backplane assemblies, and custom metal machining, Amphenol helps keep aircraft flying safely and reliably.

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In the ever growing market of communications and surveillance, Amphenol provides a reliable, rugged, and innovative array of products to support the important task of information collection. From powering individual systems to providing secure and efficient transfer of data, Amphenol has the technology to accommodate any C4ISR application. Amphenol allows our soldiers to continue to obtain the most important resource of all, knowledge.

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Commercial Aircraft

Amphenol follows the latest trends in the commercial aerospace market to ensure we provide the right product solutions for the smallest general aviation and business jet to the largest commercial airliner. The transition to a more electric and lighter aircraft is reflected in our interconnect design and development. We hold many industry specification qualifications and our years of material innovations has resulted in multiple interconnect developments.

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Image for Military Aircraft

Military Aircraft

Amphenol is at the leading edge of the latest products and technologies demanded by the military aircraft market. Whether its proven legacy aircraft, the newest unmanned aircraft or rotorcraft, or the most technologically advanced future aircraft, Amphenol designs and builds high-speed, high-reliable, ruggedized product solutions for all subsystems to keep these aircraft flying.

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Image for Missiles and Missile Defense

Missiles and Missile Defense

Reliability is the most important aspect of interconnect design for missiles and missile defense. The systems need to work perfectly every time, without fail. Amphenol has a wide range of high-reliable, high-speed, high-bandwidth products that reduce SWaP: from micro-miniature and backplane connectors to RF, power cables and rigid-flex assemblies, to ensure effective missile defense.

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Image for Ground Systems & Vehicles

Ground Systems & Vehicles

Amphenol leads the military ground vehicle market with interconnect solutions. Current and future ground vehicles demand more sophisticated onboard C4I systems, power distribution, and active protection systems. Amphenol’s innovative engineering and diverse product offerings meet and exceed the challenges of SWaP, high speed, and material restrictions for any vehicle sub-system.

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Image for Naval


Amphenol is an industry leader of harsh environment electronic interconnects servicing the Naval market. Whether powering vital control systems, initiating countermeasures, or transmitting critical communication data; Amphenol’s broad product offerings and high reliability ensure a safe and successful mission. We take pride in supporting the Naval market and will continue to provide our highest level of technology, quality, and service to do so.

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Image for Soldier Systems

Soldier Systems

The modern warfighter is a walking network, connected to multiple sensors, their command, and each other. A premium is placed in simple, yet powerful connectivity that reduces weight while being ergonomic and rugged at the same time. Amphenol’s micro-miniature, high-speed interconnect solutions are ideal for keeping the soldier connected.

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Image for Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Systems

As the world of unmanned systems continues to grow, so does Amphenol’s product innovations. While early unmanned systems utilized legacy interconnect product, the newest systems place a premium on small, lightweight, high-speed developments for air, land, and sea unmanned systems.

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Leveraging extensive pedigree and experience in traditional custom space products, Amphenol Canada is ideally suited to support general space-grade versions for everything we produce. From filtered micro-D and d-subs to custom MMA assemblies, our designs ensure full compliance with materials restrictions and outgassing requirements, and our testing experience and capability are ready for all qualification standards.

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