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Micro-D Connector Products Micro-D Connectors, Strip line, Micro miniature, 100, 102, 104, 101, 110, MDCE, MBS, 105, 106, M13
Backshells Catalog Mil-Spec and Commercial Applications
Amphenol Canada Product Overview
ARINC 600 Catalog ARINC 600, Rack and Panel, low insertion force, next generation stamped and formed contacts

ARINC 404 Catalog AR, MIL-C-81659, ARINC 404, Pin and socket contacts with MIL-C-39029
MMA Catalog MMA, Next Generating ARINC, 22 socket, light weight, Compact Blind Mate, Modular
R58 Catalog R58, MIL-DTL-83733, M83733, JN1122 , Rectangular
Filter Connectors Filter, EMI, EMP, ARINC 600, ARINC 404, D-Subminiature, Micro D-Sub, MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-26482, M55116 Filter Audio, Termination Modules, FX Filter Plates, Quadrax Connectors and Contacts, Diode, Capacitor

R27 Rectangular and Filter Products R27, Filter, Rectangular, MIL-DTL-83527, EN 3682
Infinite Possibilities Rectangular Calalog
Rectangular Modular Micro Series Rectangular, Modular, Micro
D83 Series Compact D-sub D83 micro d-sub

Data Sheets

Amphenol Canada Product Overview
Recommended Guidelines for Soldering and Cleaning of Filter Connectors
SMC Series Stackable Modular Connector, low profile, environmental sealed, SMC,
Micro-C Series

MicroPlus Series
ClickMate Series
Z Series
R39 Series Family R39 R393 R39U R398 D83 R38 Rectangular 38999 Connector

Micro-D Bandit Integral Backshell
R39 Rectangular 38999 Connector Rectangular, 38999, blind mate, EMI Filter,
Sealed D-Sub SD308


US 10770839 B2
US 11,223,166 B2
US 10,873,159 B1 Electrical Connector Wafer Assembly
US6884119B2 United State Patent

US9093787B2 United State Patent
US9362638B2 United State Patent
US9450322B2 United State Patent
US9991642B1 United State Patent

US10243307 Wafer Assembly for Electrical Connector United States Patent



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Amphenol Canada Product Overview